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API and EDI Integrations

How to Recognize if You Can Benefit from an Echo API or EDI Integration

Application Programming Interface (API) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integrations enable the system-to-system transfer of data between Echo Global Logistics and its clients, carriers, third parties, and all forms of TMS software. Companies can exchange any standard business document such as a purchase order, invoice, or shipping schedule via API/EDI, as long as both have made the necessary technical preparations.

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Why Set up an Integration with Echo?

API/EDI integrations automate routine tasks such as load building, providing status updates, and invoicing for tech-enabled shippers. This can save hours of operational work each week, freeing up time to concentrate on high-value tasks. These connections also make it easier to schedule freight, track shipments, invoice faster, and enable real- time visibility into transaction status.

Echo's API offers a robust service with real-time visibility into all facets of your supply chain. Setup time is minimal, allowing you to optimize quickly with an Echo integration.

Reasons to Integrate with Echo:
  • Handle a large volume of repetitive standard actions
  • Operate your business on a very tight margin
  • Want to better serve your customers in a time-sensitive, competitive marketplace
Benefits of Integrating with Echo:
  • Reduces administrative work
  • Reduces telephone calls
  • Reduces manual data entry
  • Improves data accuracy
  • Increases speed of communication
  • Improves customer service
  • Reduces outstanding accounts receivable days


API is a web connection that allows one software program to communicate with another, exchanging data between the two systems in real time. Echo offers both REST- and SOAP-based APIs for LTL and TL shipments. By integrating with Echo, you can automate and customize access to our services from your own internal application or website.

With comprehensive rating information provided by the APIs, you'll have the leverage to choose the most profitable carrier for your business. Echo's REST API is the most popular option among Echo clients. Our REST API enables faster shipment dispatch, document retrieval, and real-time shipment status.

  • LTL & TL Tendering
  • Get Status
  • Get Quote
  • Document Retrieval
  • LTL Tendering
  • Get Status
  • Get Quote


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Echo works easily with the following standard set of EDI files:
  • 204 – Load Tendering
  • 210 – Invoicing
  • 214 – Status Updates
  • 990 – Accept/Reject of Load Tender
  • 997 – Acknowledgment of File Receipt

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